Recently exhibited

On this page you can explore a small sample of my art that was exhibited between 2017-2022.  

Samphire Gem, Shark Bay

This artwork was accepted as a finalist in the Mid West Art Awards 2021/2022.   Painted in acrylic on linen, this artwork conveys the pleasurable emotion experienced when visiting the Shark Bay area of Western Australia, rather than being a mimesis of place.  I was delighted to have been accepted for this wonderful exhibition in Geraldton, WA.   

Escape Artist

This artwork was exhibited at Darlington Arts Festival, Perth, from 2-3 November, 2019.  (Sold on Opening Night).  I have used textured mixed media on Belgian linen, and the artwork as framed is 935 x 935 mm. It is part of my “Fish Fight Back” series, where, for once, the fish are on the winning side. I have also exhibited smaller fishes in a bijou series, at this exhibition, and these artworks can be found under Marine Life on this website. This exhibition has been beautifully organised.

A painting called Life in a Western Town by Lynda Fynn Dickinson

Life in a Western Town

“Life in a Western Town” is an expression of activity and inter-connection in a typically Mid West town of Western Australia, using my own language and symbolism.  This Mixed Media artwork was a finalist out of 260 entries for the Mid West Art Awards 2019, Geraldton, and is painted on Italian linen.

A painting called Faure Island Shark Bay

Faure Island

“Faure Island, Shark Bay” was exhibited and sold on Opening Night at the Cossack Art Awards, 2018, in Karratha in the north west of Western Australia.  The artwork is 914 x 1219 mm and painted using mixed media techniques. 

A painting called "Seasons"


This artwork, entitled “Seasons” was exhibited and sold at a gallery in Applecross, Perth, WA in 2018.  It is 914 x 1219 mm and painted using mixed media on Belgian Linen.   

A painting called Night Moves

Night Moves

In 2017 I was shortlisted as one of 65 finalists, out of 260 entries, in the Mid West Art Awards, Geraldton.  My artwork “Night Moves” (shown here) is 914 x 1219 mm, and painted in mixed media on Belgian Linen.  It is also featured in the Mid West Art Prize catalogue.