Recently exhibited

On this page you can explore a small sample of my art that was exhibited between 2017-2022.   Samphire Gem, Shark Bay This artwork was accepted as a finalist in the Mid West Art Awards 2021/2022.   Painted in acrylic on linen, this artwork conveys the pleasurable emotion experienced when visiting the Shark Bay area […]

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Pink macaroon tower in Burlington Arcade, London

250th Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition, London : 2018

Ah!!   We had made it to the RA exhibition once again this year, as symbolised by the amazing rose-petal macaroon tower in one of Burlington Arcade’s corner shops. As we turned into the RA courtyard, we were welcomed by Anish Kapoor’s red-disc tribute “Symphony for a Beloved Daughter”.   And, once in, hiding unobtrusively up the […]

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A painting called Life in a Western Town

Language and Commerciality

Life in a Western Town by Lynda Fynn Dickinson A recent video on the Royal Academy of Art, London’s David Remfry, Royal Academician, and his journey in art over many years was very inspiring.  In it he shares with us the view that many artists need, for commercial survival, to create something that appeals to […]

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A painting called Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 70 by Robert Motherwell

Shapes : Robert Motherwell

I was first introduced to the abstract expressionist painting of Robert Motherwell (1915-1991) after a visit to the Abstract Expressionist exhibition in Bilbao in 2017.   It is, however, Motherwell’s paintings on Elegy to the Spanish Republic, painted between 1948-1967, which interest me most. He painted over 100 paintings on the subject, and was always seeking […]

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A painting called Girt by Sea by Lynda Fynn Dickinson

Shapes That Inspire

And a little closer to home, I am obsessed with perfecting the assemblage of my own shapes, which have been inspired from the environment in Western Australia. I have filled bookfuls of the shapes, and although at times I’ve questioned why they appeal, and what they mean, I don’t necessarily need to know or understand […]

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A painting called Around the Fish by Paul Klee

“Around the Fish” by Paul Klee

I have long been an admirer of Paul Klee, particularly his fish paintings, and enjoyed viewing the textures and techniques of this artwork in the flesh at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The fish is orbited by his iconography which evolved out of his teaching at the Bauhaus.  The arrow, which he used as […]

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Purchasing Art

Highest quality materials Buying an artwork can be a substantial purchase, and to protect your investment, most of my artworks are prepared on Belgian linen using only the highest quality paints and other artists’ materials.  With each purchase, I include a Fact Sheet on how to care for paintings made on linen. Framing My artworks are offered […]

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Mixed Media

All of the artworks below are available for purchase. Click on any of the images to see a larger version.IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you’d like to purchase any of my artworks, please first read the purchasing details and options. Layered TimeSOLD914 x 762 mmMixed Media on linenStromatolites, Shark Bay   SOLD914 x 914 mmMixed Media on linenBranch SnapSOLD914 x 762 mmMixed […]

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New work

The slideshow shows some of my most recent paintings featuring marine life, coastal scenes, the Shark Bay area and the gorges of Western Australian. You can pause the slideshow by moving your mouse over the main image. If you like my work I’d love you to follow me on Facebook and share my website with […]

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Shark Bay

Shark Bay is part of a World Heritage Site in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia around 800 kilometres (500 miles) north of Perth, the state capital. With its combination of long coastlines, islands and peninsulas, it is a harsh, unforgiving and yet stunningly beautiful environment. I love the juxtaposition of raw earth, mangrove-fringed lagoons, […]

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Other subjects

The slideshow shows a sample of paintings featuring a range of subjects, including a local bobtail lizard (Tiliqua), a group of elderly men sailing their model yachts, the tragic tale of a brave sacrifice to save a friend (Three Boys Park) and an interpretation of the seasons through the eyes of both white and Indigenous […]

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Coastal scenes

Western Australia is a vast state with 20,781 km (12,913 miles) of coastline, including 7,892 km (4,904 miles) of island coastline. The coastal scenery varies from granite and sandstone cliffs through to broad white beaches and mangrove-fringed inlets, and all of it is a magnet for an artist. The slideshow shows a sample of my […]

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waRAW Exhibition 2015

“waRAW“, a three-week exhibition of paintings, sculptures, digital art and photography, was held in February 2015 at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle, Western Australia.  Lynda Fynn Dickinson, Roger Dickinson, and two other local artists featured artworks exploring some core elements that make Western Australia visually unique.   waRAW was officially opened by arts veteran June Moorhouse, and […]

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My Art

Click any of the albums listed below to see samples of my art, including works that are still available for purchase.New workSome of my latest artworks Marine lifeLife in our oceans, past and present Coastal scenesPaintings of the WA coast NW gorgesThe spectacular gorges of Australia’s NW Shark BayThe lagoons, mangroves and hinterland of Shark Bay WA […]

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WA fauna

I have long been entranced with the amazing animals that live in Western Australia.  With an area of 2,500,000 square kilometres, Western Australia covers one third of the Australian continent. Most excitingly for animal lovers, more than half of Australia’s biodiversity hotspots and a significant percentage of its unique flora and fauna are found here. As well as being […]

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