In June this year, we visited the Picasso Museum in Carrer de Montcada, Barcelona.   The museum was constructed in 1983, and was not only in an extremely atmospheric part of Barcelona, but the museum showed some of Picasso’s more unusual works, from his formative years up to 1904, and also 40 ceramic pieces which were completed in his later years.   I was delighted to see his famous Dove paintings too, and enjoyed seeing works which bracketed his famous period, feeling I had a more complete picture of his works.

I find Pablo Picasso’s wisdom very uplifting:   “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”.   There is some irony in his comment for me, as I seem to recall he destroyed some of his earlier works, which may be something he regretted later in life.

It spurred me to share with you a few wonderful artworks from children in our family. If they inspire you, I’d love you to respond by posting some of your favourites from your family (with their and their parents’ permission, of course!) either here or on my artist Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

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