A retrospective of work by Martial Raysse was staged at the Pompidou Centre in Paris from 14th May to 22nd September 2014. It’s the first retrospective of this pop-artist’s work, so at 78 years old, Martial Raysse, a French contemporary of America’s Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and England’s David Hockney, has had to wait a long time for world recognition.

His work is wildly colourful, loud, dissonant, and a strong commentary on the consumer society. I found his art fun and thought-provoking. Some of my favourite pieces are shown below.

I loved the freedom of the George Pompidou Centre, a post-modern and high-tech building where you’re allowed to take photographs. I indulged by photographing art by some of my favourite artists, including Jean Arp, Maria Blanchard, Alexandra Hogue, Vassily Kandinsky, Picasso, Francis Bacon, Jackson Pollock, Alfonso Ossorio, Francis Picabia and Monteiro.